State of the Dream 2011: Austerity for Whom?

Source: Brian Miller, Wanjiku Mwangi, Jeannette Huezo, Mike Prokosch, Mazher Ali, United for a Fair Economy, January 14, 2011

From the summary:
…Closing this vast economic divide was a core objective of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his supporters in the final years of his life. But the agenda of the Congressional Republicans today and their Tea Party allies threatens to take the country in the opposite direction. Behind the Republican agenda is a sinister logic. First, they use tax cuts to starve the federal government. Then they point to the deficits that their tax cuts helped create and claim that we cannot afford the programs most Americans need.

The GOP austerity program will ratchet down the standard of living for all working Americans, and ratchet up the racial economic divide.

* While the unemployment rate for Blacks and Latinos remains at Depression levels, Republicans consistently block meaningful job creation proposals.
* With fewer assets to fall back on in hard times, Black and Latino families rely more heavily on unemployment insurance, Social Security and public assistance in times of need
* Blacks will be disproportionately affected by the attack on public sector workers.
* Republican tax breaks disproportionately flow into the hands of high-income and high-wealth Whites.
* The Republican tax cut agenda rewards wealth for those who already have it, and limits opportunity for those who do not.

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