‘Class War’ Between Private and Public Sector Unions?

Source: Mike Elk, Working In These Times, January 11, 2011

Indeed, there does seem to be a growing resentment of union workers in the United States as other workers’ standards of living decrease. but are we at the point of a class war between these two sectors or is this just some conservative fantasy? Sure, some members of the working class might grow resentful of union members, but would private sector union members actually attack public sectors unions?

A look at what is happening in New York City indicates that such a class war between private and public sector unions might be brewing. With more than 1 million unions members living in New York City and with nearly 25% of the city’s population belonging to a union, New York City has a higher rate of unionization than any other city in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. thus you might expect solidarity between different unions to be greater since so many union members live in New York City.

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