7 Best Practices for States in Trouble

Source: Jonathan D. Breul, John M. Kamensky, Governing, November 30, 2010

A recent study from the Technology CEO Council estimates that, if adopted by the federal government, a set of seven strategic initiatives could save $1 trillion over the next decade. These seven approaches to trimming operating costs can also improve government performance for citizens.

By aggressively implementing these same seven approaches, states and localities can also cut costs and improve operational performance at the same time. While these strategies won’t solve budget problems by themselves, they could sure make a dent:
Initiative 1: Consolidate IT infrastructure.
Initiative 2: Streamline supply chains.
Initiative 3: Reduce energy use.
Initiative 4: Move to shared services for mission-support activities.
Initiative 5: Apply advanced business analytics to reduce improper payments.
Initiative 6: Reduce field operations footprint and move to electronic self-service.
Initiative 7: Monetize government assets.

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