Pensions and Retirement Plan Enactments in 2010 State Legislatures

Source: Ronald K. Snell, National Conference of State Legislatures, September 1, 2010

From the summary:
This report summarizes selected state pensions and retirement legislation enacted from January 2010 through the date of publication. Its goal is to help researchers and policy makers know how other states have addressed issues that could arise in any state. In keeping with that goal, the report excludes most clean-up legislation, cost-of-living adjustments, administrative procedures and technical amendments. This report is organized according to the topics that legislatures addressed in 2010, listed at the end of this introduction.

Bills summarized below have been enacted into law unless there is a specific indication to the contrary. Not all legislation had been chaptered at the time this report was compiled. Some legislatures remain in session at the time of publication.

The sources of this report are StateNet searches of current and enacted legislation, retirement systems’ websites, state legislatures’ reports of enacted legislation, and information provided by legislative and retirement system staff. I am indebted to the many legislative staff who write and share summaries of their legislatures’ acts, the many retirement system staff throughout the United States who have posted legislative summaries on their web sites, and the staff of legislatures and retirement systems who have taken time to identify and explain legislation and its context to me.

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