Solutions for America

Source: Heritage Foundation, 2010

From the press release:
The Heritage Foundation today released “Solutions for America,” a comprehensive policy agenda addressing the nation’s most pressing and ingrained problems.

Compiled by experts at Heritage, the leading conservative think tank, the guidebook outlines critical challenges on 23 policy fronts and makes 128 specific recommendations for Congress to confront and overcome these obstacles. Among them:

* Trim excessive compensation for federal employees by bringing their salaries and benefits in line with those of private-sector pay.
* Exempt those who work beyond the retirement age from paying payroll taxes.
* Establish a unified budget governing all 71 federal welfare programs; cap their year-to-year growth at the rate of inflation; expand work requirements and treat a portion of benefits as loans to be repaid, not grants from taxpayers.
* Spur investment, job creation and global competition by reducing the top corporate tax rate and allowing firms to deduct immediately all investments in new facilities and equipment.

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