Rethinking collective representation

Source: Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, Vol. 16 no. 3, August 2010
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This special issue of Transfer concerns the analytical frameworks we use to understand trade unions and their actions. Focusing on the conditions for union renewal, it explores key ideas that might stimulate our thinking about union revitalization and future forms of collective representation. The challenge to each set of authors is to put forward a conceptual framework that will help readers to rethink their own understanding and narratives about collective representation. These concepts include politics, power, legitimacy, democracy, individualism and collectivism, the framing of gender and womanhood, and climate change.

Main articles in August 2010 special issue:
Rethinking collective representation: introduction by Christian Dufour, Gregor Murray, David Peetz and Charlotte Yates
Trade unions, politics and parties: is a new configuration possible? by Richard Hyman and Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick
Understanding union power: resources and capabilities for renewing union capacity by Christian Lévesque and Gregor Murray
The legitimacy of collective actors and trade union renewal by Christian Dufour and Adelheid Hege
Democratic dilemmas: union democracy and union renewal by Kim Voss
Are individualistic attitudes killing collectivism? by David Peetz
Understanding caring, organizing women: how framing a problem shapes union strategy by Charlotte AB Yates
Unions as environmental actors by Darryn Snell and Peter Fairbrother

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