Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits 101

Source: Heather Boushey, Jordan Eizenga, Center for American Progress, September 21, 2010

From the summary:
Maintaining unemployment benefits until the unemployment rate comes back down is not only necessary and the right thing to do; it’s also consistent with past practice.

UI benefits stabilize the economy by increasing the demand for goods and services, which at this point in the nascent economic recovery is crucial to saving and creating jobs and boosting earnings.

Unemployment benefits help workers and their families by putting money in their pockets while they search for a new job. During the Great Recession, these benefits have been effective in keeping families out of poverty and helping them keep up with their mortgages during this period of high unemployment.

For the past half century, Congress has always extended unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed when unemployment was high and doing so in this recession should be no different.

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