Data Brief: Black Employment and Unemployment in August 2010

Source: Sylvia Allegretto, Ary Amerikaner, and Steven Pitts, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, Data Brief, September 3, 2010

From the summary:
The unemployment rate for Blacks was 16.3 last month. This is according to the latest report on the nations employment situation released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its monthly Employment Situation report. This rate increased from July, when unemployment in the Black community stood at 15.6. For the nation as a whole, unemployment rose slightly to 9.6 in the month of August. Among whites, unemployment was 8.7; among Latinos, unemployment was 12.0. Comparable July 2010 figures were 9.5; 8.6; and 12.1 respectfully. Overall, total payroll employment fell by 54,000, driven by the loss of 114,000 temporary Census jobs.
The State of Black Workers before the Great Recession

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