The New Dad – Exploring Fatherhood within a Career Context

Source: Brad Harrington, Fred Van Deusen and Jamie Ladge, Boston College, June 2010

From the summary:
Spawned by the women’s movement, changing demographics in higher education, and a brutal recession, men are no longer the primary breadwinners of days gone by. While women have fought for the past thirty years for legitimacy in the workplace, now it is men’s turn to find their place not just at work but in the home. In spite of the gains their spouses have made in the workplace, it is still assumed that women will play the primary role of raising the children. While gender inequity has adversely affected women in many ways (from lower pay to lower expectations to the glass ceiling), it has also made it difficult for men to be recognized as equal contributors as parents.

This study attempts to view and understand, through their eyes, the experience of today’s working fathers in their roles both as worker and parent. The researchers are interested in the career identity and the paternal identity of these new fathers and how the two roles integrate, conflict, and enrich one another.

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