Collaborating with the USDOL to Recover Unpaid Wages: A Toolkit

Source: By the National Employment Law Project for the Just Pay Working Group, July 2010

In this toolkit, we encourage community groups, worker centers, labor unions, and the public interest and private bar to reach out to local offices of the WHD and the SOL to build relationships and enter into collaborations. These arrangements can be mutually beneficial, helping both the agency and advocates fulfill their shared mission of protecting workers.

More specifically, this toolkit provides some helpful resources for advocates including: a brief overview of the roles and function of the WHD and the SOL; direction on how to set up a meeting with the agency; and some examples of historical collaborations between advocates and state and federal enforcement agencies. The Appendices contain talking points to use in meetings, additional examples of collaboration between community organizations and state and federal agencies, contact and key personnel information for WHD and SOL offices around the nation, a sample outreach letter to these agencies, and a scorecard for keeping track of progress around the country.

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