Building a Safer Workplace

Source: Towers Watson, 2010

From the summary:
Every year around the globe, millions of workers are injured, thousands of lives are lost, and the impact of workplace safety is felt by businesses, employees and their families. Recent studies estimate that workplace injuries cost as much as 4% of the world’s gross domestic product. It is the responsibility of all employers to take a strong, proactive stance to ensure their employees’ safety. Towers Watson partners with the world’s largest companies to improve their safety culture, gathering feedback through custom-tailored employee surveys designed to identify potential critical problem areas.

Our experts analyze the data, identify high-risk areas, and help clients develop concrete plans for improved occupational and process safety performance. Our work is focused on using employee insights to prevent costly and potentially deadly accidents before they occur. Employee culture is as much an element of a safe workplace as mandatory training sessions and regulatory policies. Our safety surveys aim to create a safer workplace by taking into account both the environment in which employees work and the culture that drives their daily work experience.

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