H1N1 Influenza and Quality Tools: What Have We Learned?

Source: American Society for Quality, March 2010

From the press release:
Amid continuing H1N1 influenza concerns and shrinking budgets, U.S. public health departments face tough challenges. At the top of the list: fewer resources to help ensure that residents get vaccinations and other services in a timely manner. But more agencies are finding a prescription for improved efficiency and public safety with the help of process improvement methods, according to a new report released today by ASQ (American Society for Quality).

The report notes the experiences of several public health agencies, which with the help of quality professionals and organizations such as Public Health Foundation (PHF) and the National Network of Public Health Institutes, are integrating continuous improvement tools and techniques. Results include improved vaccine distribution, waste elimination, more client satisfaction with vaccination services and strengthened communications to ensure a smooth flow of information.

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