South and Midwest Clean Power Authority

Source: Lisa Margonelli, New America Policy Papers, February 12, 2010

To bring cheap low carbon power onto the grid quickly and stimulate the economies of industrial and agricultural states in the South and Midwest, the federal government should create a Clean Power Authority. The CPA would purchase electricity from industry, agriculture, and municipal waste facilities at a price cheaper than that transmitted by new coal-fired generators. The carbon-heavy, struggling industrial economies of the South and Midwest have an untapped reservoir of energy that could equal the output of as many as 69 nuclear plants, but is now wasted. Just as the Tennessee Valley Authority was created to provide affordable, clean power while fostering regional economic development and preserving the environment, the CPA would foster the production of cheap, low-carbon power in the Southern and Midwestern states, stabilizing the grid, creating thousands of jobs, drawing investment to the region, making the heartland a national leader in clean power.

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