Local Governments Addressing Employee and Retiree Health Costs

Source: PA Times, Vol. 32 no. 9, October 2009
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About­ 49­ percent­ of­ the nations’­ cities,­ counties­ and­ townships expect­ less ­revenue­ in­ 2010,­ and­ 21­ percent expect ­fewer­ employees,­ according ­to­ a­ new survey.­­ About­ 26­ expect­ increased­ consolidation­ of­ local­ services.­

With ­shrinking ­budgets­ and­ fewer­ staff, local­ officials­ are­ taking­ several­ approaches to­ contain­ long-term­ costs­ associated­ with employee­ and­ retiree­ health­ care.­­

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