Global Wages Report 2009 Update

Source: International Labour Organisation, 2009

The present report is an update of the Global Wages Report 2008/09 released in November 2008. The latter was the first in a new series of reports to be published every two years to describe and analyse trends in a number of wage indicators, including average wages, wage inequality between men and women, differentials between high and low wages, the share of wages in GDP, and statutory or negotiated minimum wages. The report covered the years 1995-2007, which were characterised by a generally favourable economic context. Since then, the economic context has changed dramatically. In light of the global economic downturn, the Members of the ILO signed the Global Jobs Pact in June 2009, whereby they agreed to consider strengthening social dialogue, collective bargaining and statutory or negotiated minimum wages in order to avoid deflationary wage spirals and to enhance social protection. While a comprehensive assessment will be provided in the next full Global Wage Report in 2010, the present update already provides some indications of wage trends up to the second quarter of 2009 in a number of countries around the world.
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