America in Midst of Civic Foreclosure

Source: PA Times, Vol. 32 no. 9, October 2009
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As­ economic­ distress continues­ through­ the­ summer­ and­ into­ the fall,­ Americans­ are­ suffering­ from a­ “civic foreclosure”­ that ­is­ limiting­ the­ range­ and depth­ of­ their­ civic­ engagement,­ according to­ a new­ study­ by­ National­ Conference­ on Citizenship­ (NCoC).­ The­ annual­ “America’s Civic­ Health Index,” ­based­ on­ survey­ data collected­ in­ May­ 2009,­ is­ a­ look­ at­ the­ state of­ civic­ engagement­ in America­ that­ reflects the­ impact­ of­ the­ economic­ crisis.

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