The State of Health in the American Workforce

Source: Kerstin Aumann, Ellen Galinsky, Families and Work Institute, 2009

From the press release:
In the midst of the most vigorous national health care debate in 15 years, and at a time of heightened economic insecurity, new data on employers show that the health of employed American workers is trending downward in a number of important areas. The State of Health in the American Workforce, a report released today by the Families and Work Institute (FWI), finds that only 28% of employees today report that their overall health is “excellent,” down from 34% just six years ago. Perhaps surprisingly, men’s overall health has declined more rapidly than women’s. The report also sheds light on the relationship between an effective workplace and employee health, underlining the significant role that employers play beyond providing health insurance and wellness programs.

Among its many findings, the report reveals:

41% of employees report experiencing three or more indicators of stress sometimes, often or very often;
One in three employees experiences one or more symptoms of clinical depression; and
One in five employees has trouble falling asleep very often or fairly often and 31% awaken too early and have trouble falling back to sleep, also very often or fairly often.
21% are receiving treatment for high blood pressure and 14% are being treated for high cholesterol.

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