Green Jobs, Green Recovery

Source: Guest Editor: Jim Young, New Solutions, Vol.19 no. 2, 2009
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New Solutions has been published as a special issue, Green Jobs, Green Recovery.
Articles include:
New Solutions and the Blue Green Alliance–Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference – Craig Slatin, Editor, Beth Rosenberg, Editor, Eduardo Siqueira
Global Warming Solutions and the Path to Recovery – David Foster
Climate Policy Statement – The Blue Green Alliance
A Chance to Create Jobs that Do Good – Lisa Jackson
Growing a Strong Middle Class – Martin O’Malley
A Case for Green Energy Manufacturing – Sherrod Brown
Change is Happening – Amy Klobuchar
Embracing a Clean-Energy Future – Kathleen Sebelius
Rebuild America Clean and Green – Leo W. Gerard
Start Your Engines – Carl Pope
Renew, Refuel, and Rebuild – Allison Chin
Green Jobs to Meet America’s Biggest Challenges – Peter Lehner
Ensuring that Green Jobs are Good Jobs – Sharon Beard
Changing Course–And the World – Terence M. O’Sullivan
Jobs and The Environment – Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Massive Public Investment Needed to Grow Green Economy – Communications Workers of America
Together We’ll Take America Back – Van Jones
Global Green New Deal – Achim Steiner
A Strategic Approach to a Green Economy – Richard L. Trumka
Blue and Green Working Together – James P. Hoffa
Green Jobs and a Strong Middle Class – John D. Podesta
We Want a Made-in-the-U.S.A. Economy – Phil Angelides
Repowering America – Alliance for Climate Protection
Wind Energy Can Power a Strong Recovery – Denise Bode

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