Long-Term Care in Health Care Reform: Policy Options to Improve Both

Source: Harriet L. Komisar, Anne Tumlinson, Judy Feder, Sheila Burke, SCAN Foundation, July 2009

From the press release:
The SCAN Foundation released a policy report by Georgetown University researchers presenting four distinct policy options for including long-term care support and services in health care reform. The report comes on the heels of a National Omnibus Survey on Long-Term Care released last week, also from The SCAN Foundation, showing that nearly 80 percent of Americans would be more likely to support a health care reform package that includes improved coverage for long-term care services.

The report, which builds upon the Georgetown long-term care policy research of 2007, explores how to improve access to long-term care for people of low-income and limited financial resources and ways to strengthen long-term care protections for the broader population.

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