Is There a Need for More Leave?

Source: Tina Ott Chiappetta, HR News, Vol. 75 no. 8, August 2009
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In May of this year, six senators wrote a letter seeking input from advocates about changing leave laws. It read, in part, “The structure of the American workplace is slowly beginning to respond to dramatic shifts in the nature of work, workforce demographics and the needs of families. However, Americans struggling with the demands of work still cannot always meet the needs of their families.”

In 2008, the letter’s authors created a Senate Staff Work Group on Workplace Flexibility with as many as 18 different senate offices exploring the problem of and solutions to a perceived need for more flexibility. The goal of the group is to develop consensus-based, bipartisan solutions that can work for both employers and employees. (IPMA-HR’s letter to the working group is available on the IPMA-HR Web site.)

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