Swine flu in the workplace: an update and proactive response

Source: Jeffrey M. Tanenbaum, Ann K. Smith, and Joshua M. Henderson, Nixon Peabody, Employment Law Alert, August 18, 2009

Employers should also now be taking other action to educate employees and prepare for the impact of a swine flu outbreak in the workplace this upcoming flu season. This is particularly true for high risk workplaces such as hospitals, medical offices, schools, and workplaces that provide services to high risk populations. However, it is prudent for all employers to now take precautionary steps. For most employers this is best accomplished through a written communicable illness response plan, which serves as a guide for management and employees. For those employers who have such a program in place, now is the time to review and update your program and activate it. For those employers who do not yet have a program, now is the time to implement one. Waiting until a crisis occurs is waiting too long. It is virtually impossible to develop and effectively implement such a program under crisis conditions and by waiting you will miss the opportunity to take proactive preventative steps.

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