The Credit Crisis and Working America

Source: American Prospect, Vol. 20 no. 6, July/August 2009

The invisible victims of the economic meltdown and the lower-income Americans who were struggling before the mass foreclosures and job loss hit. This report, made possible through the generous support of the Ford Foundation, investigates the causes of and cures for the current credit crisis.

Articles include:

A Bridge to Somewhere – Janneke Ratcliffe

Banks as Heroes – Adam Serwer

Community Reinvestment: The Broader Agenda
– Mark A. Willis

Don’t Blame the Community Reinvestment Act
– Ellen Seidman

Financial Product Safety
– Tamara Draut

Reforming Credit
– Robert Kuttner

Regulation as Civic Empowerment
– Edmund Mierzwinski

Reversing the Damage – John Taylor

The Assault on the Black Middle Class – Kai Wright

What Does Financial Capital Owe Society? – Barry Zigas

When Creditors are Predators
– Tim Fernholz

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