Through the Price Waterhouse-Looking Glass: Dominance and Oppression Revealed

Source: Cameron Cloar, University of San Francisco Law Review, Winter 2009

Viewing through the Price Waterhouse-Looking Glass, Part II documents another Catch 22, drawn from unfair stereotypes, which establishes a similar social system of superiority and subordination of gay men and lesbians. … Defining the Price Waterhouse-Looking Glass: The Story of Ann Hopkins After nearly four decades since society recognized the harmful effects of sex-based discrimination, the overriding gender issue in professional workplaces is persistent stereotypes. … Research indicates that forty-one percent of gay and lesbian parents raising children have been together five years or longer as compared to twenty percent of unmarried heterosexual couples. … Therefore, laws that prohibit adoption by homosexuals place gays and lesbians into an intolerable double bind – criticized for their inability to maintain family relationships but legally unable to enter such settings. … By 1982, epidemiologists suspected that blood and sexual fluids transmitted whatever caused AIDS. … Such oppression may prove particularly severe on gay men and lesbians because their exclusion from the institutions of marriage, adoption, and blood donation is state sponsored.

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