High-Earning Green Sector Workers Feel Safe In Jobs

Source: Michael Szabo, Reuters, June 3, 2009

The economic downturn has claimed the jobs of tens of millions worldwide but most in the thriving climate change sector feel just as safe in their jobs, if not more so, than they did a year ago, a new Reuters survey shows.

Some 68 percent of ‘green’ workers polled in the first ever Carbon Salary Survey said a heightened response in the past few years from government and business to the threat of climate change has increased their sense of job security.

* Results of first ever ‘green’ sector job and salary survey
* 68 pct of green workers feel same or more job security
* Survey showed average salary in climate sector was $76,000
* Men dominate industry and earn more than women on average
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Survey results – available June 8 (registration required)

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