Assuring Accountability and Equity in Recovery Spending

Source: Progressive States Network, Stateside Dispatch, June 1, 2009

In January, Progressive States Network highlighted the many reasons Why States Need to be a Focus for Any Economic Recovery Plan. Without help, states would catastrophically slash both spending and payrolls, deepening the economic crisis in communities across the nation, while undermining the investments needed to revive the economy in the long-term.

But we have also emphasized that any stimulus spending has to be tied to increased accountability and transparency in spending decisions, especially by government contractors who often operate like a shadow government with little oversight. One key reality, as this Dispatch will highlight, is that those most in need often don’t receive help from government spending without transparency and accountability measures built into the rules. While the recent federal recovery plan made real strides in expanding such accountability, additional measures are still needed if the recovery plan is going to deliver real equity in our economic recovery.

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