The National Nursing Assistant Survey: Improving the Evidence Base for Policy Initiatives to Strengthen the Certified Nursing Assistant Workforce

Source: Marie R. Squillace, Robin E. Remsburg, Lauren D. Harris-Kojetin, Anita Bercovitz, Emily Rosenoff, and Beth Han, The Gerontologist, Vol. 49 No. 2, April 2009

From the abstract:
One in three CNAs received some kind of means-tested public assistance. More than half of CNAs incurred at least 1 work-related injury within the past year and almost one quarter were unable to work for at least 1 day due to the injury. Forty-two percent of uninsured CNAs cite not participating in their employer-sponsored insurance plan because they could not afford the plan. Years of experience do not translate into higher wages; CNAs with 10 or more years of experience averaged just $2/hr more than aides who started working in the field less than 1 year ago.

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