Nonprofit Finance Fund Survey: America’s Nonprofits in Danger

Source: Nonprofit Finance Fund, March 2009

From the press release:
America’s nonprofits, including the “lifeline” organizations that many depend on for food, shelter, and other basic services, are strained to the breaking point, according to a survey released today by Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF). The survey of 986 nonprofit leaders in markets nationwide captures the financial state and particular challenges facing these organizations.

Key findings include:
• Only 12% expect to operate above break-even this year.
• Just 16% anticipate being able to cover their operating expenses in both 2009 and 2010.
• 31% don’t have enough operating cash in hand to cover more that one month of expenses, and another 31% have less than three months’ worth.
• 52% of respondents expect the recession to have a long-term (2+ years) or permanent negative financial effect on their organizations.
• 93% of lifeline organizations that provide essential services anticipate an increase in demand in 2009.
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