Support Staff Salaries in CT, 1998-2008: A Report Based on 3 CLASS Salary Surveys

Source: Sandy Smith Brooks, Library Worklife, Volume 6, No. 4, April 2009
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Academic & large public libraries pay better than school or smaller public libraries. Tolland and New London counties have some of the lowest salaries; Hartford and Fairfield counties still have the highest.

There are other positives in the survey results:

* More workers (a majority) now report full-time rather than part-time work – full-time work pays better.

* More workers have benefits and are unionized than in 1998 or 2003 – unionized workers get paid better.

* More workers report supervisory responsibilities – supervisors get paid better.

* More workers (a majority) report having a Bachelors degree or higher. More workers have an MLS degree, and more workers have an LTA certificate – and more education equates to better pay.

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