Economic Stimulus Initiatives

Source: GovSearch, Carroll Publishing, April 2009
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Since the inception of our Economic Stimulus coverage, we are proud to announce new significant enhancements that are expanding this coverage.

As of March 24 of this year, the Economic Stimulus section has been expanded to include:

• 138 new Economic Stimulus News items
• 17 newly-created offices and positions
• 50 state/territory recovery websites
• 51 State Certifications signed by Governors, Mayors and other chief executives for transparency and accountability
• 29 federal departments and agencies recovery website
• Both the FY 2009 and 2010 Budgets via PDF
• Highlights of the “big ticket items” receiving major Economic Stimulus-related funding.
• Additional acts and Executive Orders from the President
• 327 official press releases issued by the federal departments and agencies- added daily.

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