Center for the Study of Collegiate Mental Health – 2009 Pilot Study

Source: Center for the Study of Collegiate Mental Health, 2009 Pilot Study, Executive Summary, 2009

The following report outlines a preliminary effort to describe the range of information on college student mental health that could be accessed via a comprehensive long-term strategy. As a result of nearly five years of unprecedented collaboration, a pilot test of the CSCMH infrastructure produced data on over 28,000 students receiving mental health services at 66 institutions during the fall semester of 2008. Though substantial, this accomplishment represents a fraction of the theoretical capacity of a mental health informatics infrastructure. Because it is not possible to discuss the entire range of findings in this summary, we have instead chosen to offer an overview of salient findings observable in the data. Whereas many of the findings described here will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals, we trust that these preliminary, informal findings will serve to educate, inspire, and enhance efforts to understand and improve college student mental health.

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