ARRA Interactive Tool

Source: Zero to Three, April 2009

There are many provisions in the ARRA which relate to infants, toddlers, their families, and the professionals who serve and support them. This interactive ARRA tool is designed to help you navigate the ways in which ARRA funds may be used to positively impact the healthy development of our youngest children.

The ARRA Interactive Tool features NEW funding for programs affecting infants, toddlers, and their families. It is organized by the infant-toddler policy framework of Good Health, Strong Families, and Positive Early Learning Experiences. For each program, you can see an overview of the current program, the population served or eligible, the specific provisions in the ARRA, and potential ways in which programs and eligible families may use the recovery funds. Please note that the specific uses of ARRA funds will be determined by federal agencies as they continue to issue formal guidance.

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