Union Worker Wage Effect in the Public Sector

Source: Bahman Bahrami, John D. Bitzan and Jay A. Leitch, Journal of Labor Research, Vol. 30 no. 1, March 2009
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From the abstract:
This study examines union wage premiums in the public sector for the 1998-2004 period. Unlike previous studies, our approach estimates union wage premiums considering differences in the rewards to education, experience, and other personal characteristics for union and non-union workers. The approach provides a larger estimated wage gap than the traditional approach, and allows for simulations of union-nonunion wage gaps for different types of workers. Moreover, we use an Oaxaca decomposition to explain the larger union-nonunion wage gap in the private sector in comparison to that in the public sector. We find that between 50% and 60% of the difference in union wage premiums between the private and public sectors is due to differences in the way unionized workers are rewarded in the private and public sectors, while the remaining portion is due to differences in personal characteristics of private and public sector workers.

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