Characteristics of Effective Job Health and Safety Committees

Source: Tim Morse, Jeanette Goyzueta, Leslie Curry, Nicholas Warren, New Solutions, Vol. 18 no. 4, March 2009
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From the abstract:
Although Health and Safety Committees (HSCs) are widely used, there is very little empirical information on what specific characteristics of HSCs (structure, activities, and resources) are associated with effectiveness in lowering injury and illness rates. An exploratory study was conducted in Connecticut, a state which requires HSCs in all workplaces with at least 25 employees. The study included analysis of administrative data (including HSC meeting minutes) of 29 committees. Lower injury rate companies were found to have a higher ratio of hourly workers to managers on the HSC, a larger committee compared to size of the employer, and reviewed a larger average number of worker complaints and suggestions.

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