State by State Workforce Data and Resources Available

Source: Center for Personal Assistance Services, 2009

PAS Workforce Library
Contains citations to resources related to each state. The library is provided and maintained by the National Clearinghouse on the Direct Care Workforce. Each citation contains an abstract and information about how to obtain the entire version.
* View the PAS Workforce library for any US State.

Number of Home and Personal Care Workers by State
The Center for PAS has tabulated, by state, estimates of the number of PAS workers and workers per persons with self-care difficulty.
* Read more and view the data for each US State.

Workforce Development Projects in Personal Assistance Services
More than 100 recently funded and currently funded research and demonstration projects to expand and improve the Personal Assistance Services workforce in the U.S.A. can be searched by state, category, and major federal, state, or foundation initiative. (updated 1/20/05)
* Search the Workforce Development Projects Database.

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