Gen Y – or Gen Whine?

Source: Deloitte Debates, January 2009

Do Gen Y workers really deserve more of your attention, or is it better to let them just grow up?

Until recently, companies all over the world have been wrestling with the challenge of attracting, managing and retaining the next generation of workers. Members of Gen Y have an incredible amount of talent – but they also have incredibly high expectations about their work environment, growth opportunities and rate of advancement. To some extent, the recession has pushed this issue out of the spotlight as companies shift their focus to downsizing. But has the issue really gone away? Although there might be a near-term surplus of labor, good talent is always in short supply – and in the future, more and more of that talent will come from Generation Y. Should companies step up their focus on Gen Y workers – and cater to their needs? Or should they dismiss the issue as just another generation gap that will eventually fade away?

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