Federal Funding for State Innovation: Implementing the Recovery Plan: A Resource Guide for State Legislators and Advocates

Source: Progressive States Network, Stateside Dispatch, February 19, 2009

Recognizing the severity of the economic crisis our nation faces, President Obama this week signed the landmark American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a plan aimed at “restoring or saving” 3.5 million jobs and investing in the long-term future of the American economy.

Built into the plan is a recognition that while the federal government can assist in funding the work, most of the implementation of the plan will happen in the states. This Dispatch provides facts, guidance and a collection of resources to state leaders and advocates on how to implement the recovery plan in a strategic manner that strengthens our states and honors our progressive values.

Contents include:
Overview – Summaries and Key Resources

Transparency Requirements for States


Health Care:

* Medicaid Support | Health Care for the Unemployed | SCHIP expansion and inclusion of immigrant children and pregnant women | Health Information Technology

Clean Energy and Transportation Investments

* State Energy Conservation Programs | Upgrading the Electrical Grid | Transportation and Infrastructure Investments

Broadband Provisions

Unemployment and Training Programs:

* Extended and Expanded Benefits | Modernizing Unemployment Insurance Systems | Training Funds | Expanded Safety Net Support | TANF Funding | Nutrition Programs | Child Care and Support | Affordable and Emergency Housing

Criminal Justice Funding

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