The Economic Crisis and Its Impact on State Aging Programs

Source: National Association of State Units on Aging, December 8, 2008

The current economic crisis has many state aging directors grappling with difficult decisions on budget cuts and reductions in services. Not since the late eighties has the economy looked as sluggish. The most challenging times in the economy increase demand for state planning, budgeting, and monitoring for services that are delivered at the community level on everything from providing assistance with heating bills to providing home delivered meals as well as all types of home health supports.

The National Association of State Units on Aging (NASUA) surveyed its members to gauge the impact of the economic downturn on aging services. The members of NASUA are the nation’s 56 officially designated state and territorial agencies on aging, often referred to as State Units on Aging (SUAs). This is the second survey on the economy that NASUA completed in 2008. The first survey was conducted in June 2008. The most recent and more extensive survey was conducted in November. Forty-four states and the District of Columbia responded to the survey.

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