Maternity Leave In The Ninth Month of Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes Among Working Women

Source: Sylvia Guendelman, Michelle Pearl, Steve Graham, Alan Hubbard, Nap Hosang, Martin Kharrazi, Women’s Health Issues, Vol. 19 no. 1, January 2009
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From the abstract:
The health effects of antenatal maternity leave have been scarcely evaluated. In California, women are eligible for paid benefits up to 4 weeks before delivery. We explored whether leave at ≥36 weeks gestation increases gestation and birthweight, and reduces primary cesarean deliveries among full-time working women.

Maternity leave in late pregnancy shows promise for reducing cesarean deliveries and prolonging gestation in occupationally strained women.
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Juggling Work and Breastfeeding: Effects of Maternity Leave and Occupational Characteristics
Source: Sylvia Guendelman, Jessica Lang Kosa, Michelle Pearl, Steve Graham, Julia Goodman and Martin Kharrazi, Pediatrics, Vol. 123 no. 1, January 2009

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