Greening the Big House: Sustainability in Corrections

Source: Correctional News, Vol. 14, No. 2, March/April 2008
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Articles include:
Transylvania Commissioners Sink Teeth into Green Jail Plan
Do Everything You Can to Build and Live Green by Gregory J. Offner
Green Design Elements Distinguish Durrant’s New $4 Million HQ: Corrections Architect Seeks LEED Platinum Certification for Renovation Project
Monroe Revisited: Architects Break Down Facility’s LEED Points by Robert Estlund and Jerry Winkler
Greening Corrections: How to Get Started by Bryna Cosgriff Dunn
Q&A — Fuel for the Fire: Indiana Officials Discuss Corn Fuel Program by Michelle M. Murphy
New Horizons: A View From the Ridge: The Design of Oregon’s Deer Ridge Correctional Institution by Roibín Ó hÉochaidh
The Green Revolution: Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Incarceration by Stephen A. Carter

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