Funding Issues in US Community Colleges: Findings From a 2007 Survey of the National State Directors of Community Colleges

Source: Stephen G. Katsinas, Terrence A. Tollefson, and Becky A. Reamey, American Association of Community Colleges, 2008

Changing state revenues have prompted heightened concern about the immediate short- and long-term future and stability of state investments in higher education. Just what is going on in the field in terms of access, funding, and overall support for community colleges? These are the questions that originally spurred the need for a formal survey of funding issues in U.S. community colleges. This report summarizes the perceptions gleaned from community college state directors (or their designees) during the third administration of the survey in 2007. It is offered as a barometer of the current situation and future prospects for community college funding and access.

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