Selected State Pension and Retirement Legislation Enacted in 2008

Source: National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems, 2008

This report was compiled for the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems by staff of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). This report summarizes selected state pensions and retirement legislation enacted through July 7, 2008. It builds upon a search of the legislation of all the states that held regular or special sessions from January through July 2008. The Arkansas, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon and Texas legislatures did not convene in regular session in 2008. Some states continue in session at this time. This report will be updated late in 2008 to reflect actions that may occur after July 7. The legislation summarized below was compiled from several sources. The report is based upon comprehensive surveys of legislation Statenet provided NCSL. That foundation was augmented with legislation and legislative summaries reported on various legislatures’ and state retirement systems’ Websites, and summaries legislative staff provided NCSL.

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