GAP Report Calls for Overhaul of Corporate Whistleblower Laws

Source: Thomas Devine and Tarek Maassarani Government Accountability Project, September 2008

From the press release:
Today, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) released Running the Gauntlet: The Campaign for Credible Corporate Whistleblower Rights. This report surveys the dangerous landscape of corporate whistleblower laws, and recommends strategies for corporate whistleblowers to best protect themselves from future retaliation.

Since the last election, Congress has passed best practices laws for specific corporate whistleblowers, including ground transportation workers, defense contractors, and an estimated twenty million employees connected with the manufacture or sale of 15,000 retail products.

Devine continued, “While time, and judges, will tell if these newfound protections hold, this is a defining moment for the future of corporate accountability. This report lays out strategies for all corporate whistleblowers, until that day when protections are standardized, comprehensive and strong. This report serves as a life-ring for employees stuck in the current sea of unknown protections.”

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