Shared Municipal Services

Source: Government, Law and Policy Journal, Vol. 9 no. 2 Winter 2007

This issue of the Government, Law and Policy Journal contains the following articles:
• The New Push for Shared Services – Paul D. Moore
The Framework for Municipal Cooperation and Sharing Services – Lorraine Cortés-Vazques
• Opinions of the Office of the State Comptroller Help to Shape Local Options Under General Municipal Law Article 5-G – Laura Skibinski
• Shared Services in the Context of Home Rule Powers – James D. Cole
• Use of Financial Incentives to Promote Change – Senator Elizabeth O’C. Little
• Legal Framework for Providing Local Government Services: Water Supply – Assemblyman Sam Hoyt and Assemblyman Darrel J. Aubertine
• Some Observations on Annexation, and a Hearty Welcome to the Asian Century – Kenneth W. Bond
• The Countywide School District: Cost Saving Measure; Extremely Difficult to Achieve – Edward W. McClenathan
• Avenues Toward City-County Consolidation in New York – Amy Lavine
• Merging Lcoal Governments–Consolidations, Dissolutions and Transfers of Functions? – Robert C. Batson
• Revisiting Regionalism to Streamline Governance in Buffalo and Erie County, New York – Craig R. Bucki
• BOCES: A Model for Municipal Reform? – Robert W. Ward
• Lessons on Sharing Services from the First Two Years of the SMSI Program: The Highlights – Gerald Benjamin, Michael Hattery and Rachel John

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