Occupational Pay Comparisons Among Metropolitan Areas 2007

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Press release, USDL 08-1015, July 25, 2008

Average pay in the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, CA metropolitan area was 19 percent above the national average in 2007, the highest among metropolitan areas studied by the National Compensation Survey (NCS), the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. In contrast, pay was lowest in the Brownsville-Harlingen, TX metropolitan area with a pay relative of 76, meaning Brownsville workers earned an average of 76 cents for every dollar earned by workers nationwide. Using data from the NCS, pay relatives-a means of assessing pay differences-are available for each of the 9 major occupational groups within 77 metropolitan areas, as well as averaged across all occupations for each area.

Pay relatives calculated for all occupations were significantly different from the national average in 67 of the 77 areas. Table A below lists higher and lower paying metropolitan areas among those studied in the NCS. Table B provides higher paying metropolitan area for each of nine major occupational groups. In addition, area-to-area comparisons have been calculated for all 77 metropolitan areas and will soon be available on the BLS website.

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