Do SCHIP Enrollees Stay Insured?

Source: Karen VanLandeghem and Cindy Brach, Child Health Insurance Research Initiative, Issue Brief no. 7, AHRQ Pub. No. 08-0057, May 2008

The issue brief finds that over three-quarters of State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) enrollees were publicly insured through Medicaid or SCHIP at least one year after enrollment, while 4 percent to 15 percent of SCHIP enrollees obtained private insurance coverage after leaving SCHIP. SCHIP retention was increased by a simplified renewal policy that automatically reenrolled children in SCHIP unless their families submitted reenrollment forms indicating a change affecting their eligibility. Children who disenrolled from SCHIP when their eligibility was renewed at one year were more likely to become uninsured than children who left during their first year of enrollment.

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