Campaign for American Workers

Source: Rockefeller Foundation/TIME, 2008

From the executive summary of the survey:
Why do 78 percent of Americans believe we need a new social contract? Time has released the landmark Rockefeller Foundation/Time Survey, a wide-ranging gauge of Americans’ perceptions regarding their economic security. This groundbreaking poll of 2,008 Americans highlights potential paths for resolving the current economic crisis.
Key findings:
A. Social Contract Disintegrating
– The social contract of the 20th century, an agreement between the government, employers and society that affords Americans with basic necessities of the American Dream appears to be unraveling
– With worsening economy, Americans are receiving less help from traditional sources
B. American Dream Slipping From Reach
– Pessimism deepening about economic security
– Economic issues seem to have caused Americans to take action
C. Generation Y
– Generation-Yers may become another Depression-Era generation
– Younger generations are most likely to have failed to pay a bill or gone without healthcare because of the cost in the past year
D. Calling for New Solutions
– Government assistance & more programs needed
E. Minorities Have Bleak Outlook
– Minorities being hit hard by economic downturn
– Minorities are more likely to have failed to pay a bill or gone without healthcare because of the cost in the past year
– Some of the top solutions include environmental solutions as well as economic security empowerment solutions like job creation and wage increases

– Concern Over Personal Economic Security Has Doubled in One Year
– Concern Over Losing Job on the Rise
– Health Coverage & Pensions Are Valued More Than High Salaries
– Not Enough Personal Savings for Emergencies
– Although Americans are Cutting Back on Non-Essentials It Is Still Not Enough
– Cut Backs & Hardships Greater for Lower Income & Younger Americans
– Concern About Losing Health Care Coverage Has Increased
– Health Care Coverage Obtained Through Employer or Union
– Less Than 1/3 Saving Enough for Retirement
– Economic Security for Americans Have Dropped

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