Web 2.0: The Future of Collaborative Government

Source: Deloitte LLP, June 2008

Today’s tech-savvy world demands tech-savvy government. Increasingly connected citizens and stakeholders are asking governments to deliver services more rapidly and efficiently. Yet the public service bureaucracies that form the governmental backbone often take a conservative approach to adopting the latest Internet-based technologies to accelerate service delivery.

On June 3, 2008, Deloitte and the National Academy of Public Administration convened a group of government leaders, subject matter experts and forward thinkers to develop a road map to help the next administration navigate the work force and organization changes that need to occur to move to a more collaborative model of government. View media coverage of the event.

In the spirit of Web 2.0, the session incorporated a variety of interactive elements including a collaborative support environment with a pre-event survey, prediction markets , discussion boards and blogs; visual cartography (download four charts from the session below); voting tools; and Blackberry comment and question submissions during the live event.

Chart 1: Big Ideas
Chart 2: Future of Collaborative Government
Chart 3: Web 2:0 – Implementation
Chart 4: Web 2.0
Closing the Gap on Transformation
Grass Roots Government and Web 2.0

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