Start a Dialogue: Communicating to the Generations

Source: Deloitte LLP, June 25, 2008

Never before has the global work force seen so much diversity and experienced so many changes as in the last decade. Globalization and rapid changes in technology are increasingly connecting our world and changing how people communicate with one another. Today’s workplace reflects not only a dazzling assortment of gender and ethnicity, but now also of generations, each with their distinct experiences and expectations for the future.

With all these changes comes the need to adapt how we foster a stronger sense of connection and community. But the big question, “how do we better engage new, diverse work forces?” has stymied even the most progressive employers. Few organizations have translated abstract ideas into the concrete solutions that effectively engage their diverse work forces. The risks are high for those who rely on traditional forms of communication to engage employees.

Have you started a dialogue with your modern work force? The communications professionals at Deloitte are experienced and uniquely positioned to help your organization reach the best and brightest in each generation. Learn about Deloitte’s perspectives on the future, global trends and strategies that work.
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Getting it Right with Generation Y
Impact of Generational Communication in the Workplace
Communicating Total Rewards to the Generations

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