Report: What Good Pre-K Costs…Before it Pays Big Dividends

Source: Barbara Gault, Anne W. Mitchell, and Erica Williams with Judy Dey and Olga Sorokina, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, IPWR G718, 2008

From the press release:
New per-child, per-hour analysis informs ongoing debate on pre-k expansion

In light of the growing demand for high-quality pre-kindergarten programs and concerns about poor quality programs in some of the country’s largest states, a report released today by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) helps decision makers estimate the costs of quality improvements.

The report, “Meaningful Investments in Pre-K: Estimating the Per-Child Costs of Quality Programs,” examines the costs associated with improvements to teacher education (and pay) and class-size, two major components of pre-k that have a large impact on child outcomes. By these criteria, three of the largest states in the country – California, Florida, and Texas – have poor quality pre-k programs.

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