High Flyers: How Private Jet Travel Is Straining the System, Warming the Planet, and Costing You Money

Source: Chuck Collins, Sarah Anderson, Dedrick Muhammad, Robert Weissman, and Sam Bollier, Institute for Policy Studies, June 2008

The private jet is one of the most powerful symbols of extreme inequality. While flying has become more costly, uncomfortable and degrading for the general public, the growing class of the ultra-rich are flying high in the comfort of their own aircraft. This sharp division is not merely a symbolic matter. The private jet boom imposes real costs on taxpayers, shareholders, and other air travelers, while undermining our environment, social cohesion, and public security.

1. Private jet travel has expanded dramatically.
2. Private jets impose costs and burdens on the rest of us.
A. Costs to the Environment
B. Costs to Taxpayers
C. Costs to Corporate Stakeholder
D. Costs to Commercial Air Travelers
E. Costs to Public Security and Social Cohesion
3. Congress and shareholders should act to restore fairness to the system and limit the burdens of private jet travel on the environment, taxpayers, shareholders, and other travelers.
4. Driving the expansion of private jets are extreme economic inequalities in the U.S. economy. The concentration of wealth and power must be addressed directly through public policies that tax the top and encourage investments that create a healthy economy with equality of opportunity.

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